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If you absolutely had to chose - who do you like more Taylor or Ed?

Haha, this is such a difficult question.

This is gonna sound strange, but when you think about it, they’re both too different to compare in any aspects of personality/talent etc.

I’ve been a fan of Taylor’s for almost 6 years, whereas I’ve only been a fan of Ed’s for about 2-3 years. But that still doesn’t make this question easy!

Like, with their music, I’ve always been more into the meaning of Taylor’s music (especially in the Fearless album) and her songs have always helped me out through bad times, yet I’m more into the tune of Ed’s music and how creative he is with his lyrics. I think they’re both equally awesome as people, so there’s no difference there however.

I know you want me to give a definite answer, but I can’t choose. It’d be wrong for me to say Ed after all Taylor has helped me over the 6 years, and it’d also be wrong for me to choose Taylor seeing as I run an Ed Sheeran blog.

They’re both great. :) 

Ed Sheeran - I'm A Mess - X

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It was amazing. I felt like a teenage girl.

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one time when my grandma was young she was at a party and a guy asked her to dance with him

she said no because she thought he was ‘gross’ and ‘a loser’

that guy went on to be the lead singer of The Rolling Stones