Three Cheers for Sheeran!

do you ever get it where you really miss someone but at the same time never want to see them again bc that’s me right now

I sense a recurring theme going on here


People with cute noses are lucky

Anonymous asked: "I'll be there for you through it all even if it sends me to heaven" Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Oh that’s cool, never heard that song before :)

Anonymous asked: A really good friend of mine is struggling with depression. She tried to kill herself and now she's in the hospital. I want to ask ALL your followers to write her a sweet ANONYMOUS message in her ask box. I want her to feel like she does matter! Please do this it would mean the world to me! Her tumblr is: enebarn Thank you so much! Xx

You’re such a lovely friend to do this :)

Guys, let’s do it! 

Leave a message here

Anonymous asked: "When you get what you want but not what you need" Fix You by Coldplay

Sorry, I forgot to reply to this one! I love that song, nice choice :) 




Met Ed again today :)

dem eyes doe